Alaska is the 3rd State in the United States to allow Recreational Cannabis for personal consumption.  We are the "Highest North" of all cannabis.


Green Life Supply’s founders always wanted to be involved with cannabis. They started Green Thumb Garden Center years ago to service a need for marijuana growers years before Alaska finalized its recreational legalization regulations. The Green Life team boasts expert knowledge in every facet of marijuana, from growing with proper nutrients to building grow facilities. The team’s cannabis product single handedly lowered the price of cannabis in Alaska, even after other cultivators were gouging prices. After supplying a large percentage of the retail locations across Alaska, Green Life Supply decided it was time to open its own retail location. At the end of 2017, Green Life Supply launched its Fairbanks retail location with the goal to provide craft, affordable cannabis for all Alaskan consumers.

What We've Achieved

  • We have have created the largest grow facility in the State of Alaska.
  • We have lowered the price of legal cannabis.
  • Removed the Black Market in certain areas of Alaska.
  • We have helped the community by creating jobs.